TeachML.life Natural Language Processing NCATS Conversations AI & Healthcare Data Science Basics Reading a Scientific Article Machine Teaching Help Teach the Learning Health Systems OpenMD is a medical science platform and interface of the Learning Health Systems ¹ at Balanced City. This page describes how to give feedback that teaches ² programs like AutoML. Two important kinds of feedback are... · Reporting Errors · Recommending New Links Reporting Errors Just Highlight and Press 'E'
"...Therefore, faculties of medicine need to rapidly and adequately digitalise their approaches to teaching." PubMed 33206678 (PLoS One)
Highlight the text that contains the error. Then press 'E' ... for Error on your keyboard. In the example above, the computer has incorrectly linked to Digitalis, a plant extract used in the treatment of heart failure. When a program makes a mistake like this, sometimes it's because the text matches a medical term in a way that hasn't been seen before. Reporting the error lets the computer know that it made a mistake. Errors are sent to editors and are used to teach the text processing programs of the Learning Health Systems, contributing to continuous improvement. Just highlight and press 'E'. Recommending New Links This is the creative part There are many concepts that the computer programs don't know yet.
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Use your mouse to highlight a concept and then just press 'L' ... for Link. This recommends the new link and teaches the computer what concepts to learn next. The Learning Health Systems study concepts by reading medical journals that contain them and clinical trials that research them. Then new webpages are created based on the research literature that was found and the process begins again. Your recommendations drive development of new applications like AutoML ³ and the growing Medical Ontology . The knowledge created benefits everyone. For Key Commands, visit KeyCommands.life Celebrating Teachers Yuki Oka is Assistant Professor of Biology at the California Institute of Technology.
Yuki OkaOKA Lab Profile https://www.bbe.caltech.edu/people/yuki-oka
The Oka Lab ⇗ researches molecular mechanisms regulating fluid homeostasis. Combining genetics, pharmacology, optogenetics and optical/electrophysiological recording, his work has revealed in beautiful detail how mental states such as thirst are generated. PubMed 33057193 The cellular basis of distinct thirst modalities. 31923398 Neural Control and Modulation of Thirst, Sodium Appetite, and Hunger. 31626771 Multimodal Analysis of Cell Types in a Hypothalamic Node Controlling Social Behavior. 31153646 Temporally and Spatially Distinct Thirst Satiation Signals. 30918407 Chemosensory modulation of neural circuits for sodium appetite. Related Concepts Water Salt craving Fluid intake volume Thirst and fluid intake The National Academies of the United States of America This organization is based on the vision of a Learning Health System advanced by the National Academy of Medicine Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling Balanced City's mission is to provide maximum benefit to society through the creation of free public health applications accessible to anyone via the internet. Enjoy using and sharing these free medical science utilities. This page TeachML.life OpenMD OpenMD.life For more on Balanced City visit BalancedCity.org/tour Tweet Print