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			Machine Teaching   
			Teaching Machines that Learn  

			OpenMD.life is a machine teaching 
			health system.

			This page describes how anyone can
			teach Automated Machine Learning,
			a computer program that processes
			medical information like journals and
			the research of clinical trial sponsors.

			Machine Teaching is very simple.

			Highlight any text and then press
			E or L.

			 ·	E is for Error Correction

			 ·	L is for Learning New Concepts

			How it works...
Error Correction Just Highlight the Text and Press E The medical text on OpenMD.life is created by computer programs that read medical databases and then make webpages... like this. These programs are part of the Automated Machine Learning architecture. They're learning to read and write and sometimes there are errors in the text that they produce. Because the OpenMD.life platform is a machine teaching health system, any user can teach these programs how to correct errors. Just use your mouse to highlight any text that contains an error. Then press E ... for Error on your computer keyboard. Let's Try an Example In the example below the text programs have incorrectly made a link to digitalis, a plant extract used in the treatment of heart failure.
"...Therefore, faculties of medicine need to rapidly and adequately digitalise their approaches to teaching." PLoS One
Highlight the text and then press E on your keyboard. Try it now... It doesn't have to be perfect. Reporting Errors Helps Reporting the error tells the computer there's a mistake in the text. This is called Supervised Learning ⇗ It's one of the ways computers learn. OpenMD.AI supervisors review errors and make continuous improvements to Automated Machine Learning. Text programs are updated daily and errors are fixed as soon as possible. If you see an error, just highlight it and press E on your keyboard.
Learning New Concepts Just Highlight the Text and Press L OpenMD.life became popular by learning new medical concepts without any difficulty. Using your mouse, highlight text on any page and then press L ... for Learn. Let's Try an Example
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Highlight any text and then just press L on your keyboard. Try it now. A Learning Interface When you highlight any text and press L two things happen. 1. The text you highlight becomes a link to a search engine so you can find more information. 2. Automated Machine Learning processes the text you highlight and learns new medical concepts using databases provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States. Programs identify new concepts by reading medical databases like MedGen, Clinical Trial Sponsors and the Human Genome Project. New concepts begin to appear on OpenMD.life as text programs read new text and reprocess previously rendered text from the Utilities.life medical reference databases. Collective Intelligence We discover and create knowledge together. Text programs update daily with the text that users recommend. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, AutoInflammatory Diseases Alliance and Appointment status are recent examples. This is how OpenMD.life has grown to about 5 times as many content pages as the English-language Wikipedia ⇗ Recommend any text on any page from the 35 million on OpenMD.life including any article from journals in PubMed. If you are an expert in your field or just browsing and learning, you can direct the text processing programs by highlighting any text and pressing L. Visit 2020 Year in Review for some of the most frequently requested medical literature. Fund Machine Teaching Machine Teaching is funded by Cloudfund.life Add Funds and grow this public enterprise service.
launch ⇗ Celebrating Teachers Teaching Machine Teaching Emma Brunskill is Associate Professor, Stanford University Computer Science and Graduate School of Education. Brunskill Group ⇗ studies personalized learning and decision making.
Emma Brunskill Brunskill Group Profile ⇗
"My goal is to create AI systems that learn from few samples to robustly make good decisions, motivated by our applications to healthcare and education."
launch ⇗ CS234: Reinforcement Learning Winter 2021 ⇗ PubMed 32541050 Scaling up behavioral science interventions in online education 31754000 Preventing undesirable behavior of intelligent machines 26400190 Faster Teaching via POMDP Planning Related Concepts Memory · Intelligence · Learning How Knuth Requests Error Reporting "I wish to give as much credit as possible..." Read how Donald Knuth ⇗ requests error reporting for traditional textbook errors and current balances ⇗ for readers who find them. cs.stanford.edu/~knuth/books.html ⇗ The National Academies of the United States of America This organization is based on the vision of a Learning Health System advanced by the National Academy of Medicine. Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling This page TeachML.life Print